“Taksim Solidarity” is available now

The book “Taksim Solidarity” is available now.

Ahmet Ada (Turkey), Nalan Celik (Turkey), Olga Flor (Austria), Lucy Furlong (UK), Tarik Günersel (Turkey), Philo Ikonya (Kenya), John Kinsella (Australia), Karl Lubomirski (Austria), Vilop Pratik (Nepal), Umar Timol (Mauritius), Umrim Uzun (Turkey), Olivia Walton (South Africa), Anat Zecharia (Israel) … and many more …

Taksim Solidarity, Literature in Support of Turkish Protest in the Time to Say: NO!-series ed. Helmuth A. Niederle, President Austrian P.E.N. includes poems and articles from more than 100 authors from all continents. This book is a protest against the brutality of the police on the demonstrators in Turkey. The poems and prose contributions were printed in the literary languages used and mostly not translated.

based on or limited by gender.

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